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Rock Road FAQs


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Since 1913, Rock Road Companies, Inc. has paved the way on public and private projects throughout Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Rock Road is proud to deliver industry-leading expertise, quality assurance, safety, and excellence through our award-winning capabilities and services.
Rock Road is proud to employ approximately 200 people between our corporate headquarters in Janesville, and our asphalt plants, pits, and quarries that are located throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.
Our teams are always growing and adapting to meet the needs of the communities we proudly serve. If you’re interested in an exciting, fulfilling, and engaging career with Rock Road Companies, Inc., take a look at the current list of open positions.
Nope! If you’re interested in working with Rock Road, the first step is to contact our team for a FREE project estimate.
Every project we work on starts the same way — with a conversation. Whether you’re interested in our paving, grading, and contracting services, in the market for premium aggregate materials, or looking to kickstart your next site development or construction project, our team of experts will be able to guide you through every stage of your project, from quote to completion.
In 2018, Rock Road Companies acquired Wolf Paving. The two companies operate as sister companies, both subsidiaries of William J. Kennedy Holding Company. William J. Kennedy Holding Company is always looking for new growth opportunities and ways to expand the business.



Rock Road’s skilled operators, project managers, and paving crews are equipped to handle every aspect of diverse paving projects — from material mining to implementation. Our unique paving process also includes specialized milling, pulverizing, and overlay services.
Rock Road implements the newest construction technology and techniques in our paving equipment so that we can provide the best tools available for every project we take on. Our paving operators are well-trained and extremely knowledgeable about operating the highest quality of paving equipment in the industry.
We offer unparalleled expertise in road construction, lot paving, and asphalt installation, removal, and replacement for both residential and commercial sites.
Yes! Our project management teams conduct aggregate, asphalt, and mix design testing to ensure that every aspect of your project meets and exceeds your expectations.
Rock Road recycles 100% of the asphalt that we remove and/or replace during our projects. We also have the capability to accept clean asphalt shingles from demolition projects, which we then recycle into our asphalt.



The process of grading involves reshaping the earth and soil in order to make the land level and stable. Grading may include digging, leveling dirt slopes, filling low spots, compacting soil, and/or removing excess soil.
Grading is a necessary step in any earthwork project.
Every project is different, but aspects of our grading and site excavation services are most commonly utilized for pit and quarry operations, heavy construction, energy and underground utility work, and site development projects.



Rock Road offers premium, high-quality, and cost-competitive aggregate materials for concrete, subbases, asphalt paving, foundation backfills, and utility work. A full list of our aggregate sales materials can be found here.
Yes! Rock Road has the capability to deliver your aggregate sales materials directly to your project site. We can also help with collecting, removing, and recycling the extra materials that may be left over once your project is complete.
Rock Road accepts clean soil or mixed loads that contain combinations of all materials. Excess asphalt, concrete, and other paving materials can be dropped off at our Janesville Townline location for recycling.
Collection loads are considered “clean” or uncontaminated when the concrete is broken and is not mixed with metal, soil, or asphalt.



Rock Road’s highly-trained utility crews have extensive experience in diverse utility management and construction services. Our utility construction teams can help with a wide variety of pipe projects and are experts in the efficient and effective installation of concrete, plastic, and metal pipes. We also specialize in storm sewer system installation and improvement.



Rock Road has specialized in general and engineering contract services for over 100 years. Our crews offer invaluable knowledge and experience in project management, construction, and operating precision equipment.
Rock Road has extensive work experience and long-standing relationships with both private and public sector subcontractors in Wisconsin and Illinois.






Where We Work

Rock Road Companies, Inc. ™ has offices, plants, pits, and quarries located all throughout Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Use the map below to select a Rock Road™ location near you.

Beloit Bituma* Rockford Airport Pit Jones Road Monroe Ultra* Menomonee Falls Sun Prairie

*indicates plants are portable and can move based on our job schedule

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