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Quality Control

At Rock RoadTM, We are Constantly Striving to Create Quality HMA Products as well as Push the Limits of New Paving Technology

Our fully staffed Quality Control Department, in conjunction with our Research department, continually monitors both the volumetric and performance levels of our daily Hot Mix Asphalt production providing our customers, both private as well as numerous agencies, with the highest level of quality.

Rock RoadTM carries a staff of Quality Control Engineers and Technicians to insure material specification compliance for both our asphalt and aggregate products. The QC personnel are certified in both Illinois and Wisconsin in both HMA and Aggregate courses as well as HMA density and smoothness. This level of commitment to training allows Rock RoadTM to continuously test our products for optimum quality. Rock Road'sTM lab equipment is constantly upgraded with the latest technology. This allows our engineers to use innovative ideas and methods in developing quality products.

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