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Advanced ASPHALT paving & grading Technology

Rock Road CompaniesTM Utilizes the Latest in Construction Technologies.

Both our Grading and Paving operations deploy an array of 2D and 3D technologies to increase efficiency and quality of our finished product. Asphalt pavers are equipped with 2D technology that helps to create a uniform surface for great ride quality. Grading operations daily workflow includes the use of 3D GPS equipment to ensure unparalleled accuracy and the ability to quantify materials that are being moved around on the site. The use of 3D GPS paired with internet connected equipment creates a seamless connection from the field to the Backoffice.

The combination of Drone (UAS) and 3D GPS technologies works to streamline the modern construction site. Information can be gathered and almost instantly reported back to the office for quick analysis and planning. Once the data has been reviewed it can then be sent electronically back to the field for on the fly changes and recognition of overall progress. Rock Road CompaniesTM is constantly innovating and seeking out new stable technologies to increase the quality of our work.

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Advanced road construction technology