Aggregate Sales

Are you interested in our Aggregate? Please give us a call at 608.752.8944 for more information regarding pricing.

Products Include

  • Base Course 1.25, 3”, Select Crushed Breaker Run
  • Coarse Aggregates for Asphalt and Concrete Mixtures
  • Fine Aggregates for Asphalt and Concrete Mixtures
  • Crushed Recycled Ashpalt Pavement (rap)
  • Crushed Concrete
  • Clear Stone #s
  • Topsoil, Screened and Unscreened

Rock RoadTM has the capability for both delivery and/or pick up of all materials at each of our locations. We also accept clean soil or mixed loads that contain combinations of all material. Rock RoadTM considers clean or uncontaminated truck loads of concrete to be broken concrete without metal, soil or asphalt.